Tuck Everlasting Worksheets

A Brief Summary of Tuck Everlasting

Tuck everlasting is the famous book by Natalie Babbitt. The story is about three consecutive events of the same day. First incident refers to Mae Tuck as he arrives at his family’s property at Treegap Woods. Second event belongs to a man that wear yellow suit and his arrival at Mae Tuck’s family home. Last, family restrictions are frustrating Winnie Foster that is why she resolves to escape from everything that she is bearing at her home boundaries. Then, she become successful in her plan. But the yellow dressed man disrupts her and start inquiry whether the woods belong to her family or not. The missing day of Winnie Foster is when two sons of Mae Tuck visits him after a long time. The names of both are Jesse and Miles. In the end, Jesse and Winnie meet together when she handles her water from the spring in the bottle with the information of her marriage as she can do this at the age of 17. Miles and Mae escape due to Winnie’s assistance. After lots of years, Tuck revisit the Treegap and he knows that people had fired their family’s woods. Then, Winnie lives her mortal live then dies later but she never drinks the water. The people sympathies with the Jesse. Later, Angus Tuck understand that Winnie was right as she refuses everyone that she does not drink water.

Character Interpretations

Please describe the following characters and their importance in the story.