Decimal Addition Worksheets

How to Add Decimals

When you first saw numbers with points between them, you must have started sweating. Now, place operators between them, and you have another set of problems in your hands. However, adding decimals is just as simple as adding numbers. You just have to remember a point between the numbers, and it must be catered to. If you consider each column a separate place value, it becomes pretty simple. It is when a value carries over to another column where you might get a little lost. Start by making sure that your decimal points are lined up and that each column (place value) is lined up. If you have any missing place values, make sure to write zeroes in those places to act as place holders for you. From there it is just straight normal addition add each column. Once you get your final sum, remember to put the decimal point in your final answer.


Vertical addition single digit in the ones place to tenths.

Hundredths Place

Vertical addition single digit to hundredths.


Nicely lined up for you to work on or continue with the column method.

Decimal Addition Double Digit to Tenths

These are double digit values that also contain a tenths place to pass through the addition operation.

The Tenths

Addition problems of single digit and tenths; some have carrying.

The Thousandths

Addition problems of single digit and thousandths; some have carrying.