Point and Lines Worksheets

What Are the Differences Between Points, Lines, and Planes?

Points Lines Planes
In geometrical terms, a point is a location and is shown by a dot. On the other hand, a line is defined as a series of points that extend in two directions. A plane extends in two directions and has no thickness.
It has no size; like, length, breadth, depth, etc. It has one dimension and the points lying on a single line are colinear. Consider the example of a coordinate plane, which has multiple points but are connected.
It does not have to connect with any other object as well.    

Drawing Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

A pair of lines will be described in words and you must draw them.

Parallel or Perpendicular?

Parallel lines never cross. Perpendicular lines cross to form right angles. Name the following parallel or perpendicular.