Unit Conversion Worksheets

How to Convert Units of Measure

There are multiple units for measuring different quantities according to the international system of measurements. Converting units are useful. If you are working according to the working system, you will have to understand the fractions. Write all the units of measurements carefully while evaluating the quantities at each step to keep monitor of where you are doing this. There are different methods of converting units as two of them are famous such as inches and centimeters, etc. These are common units that we use to measure different things and we can covert each other. There are measurement quantities by which we know the difference of quantities. The best example of this is SQUARE means AREA and the CUBIC means VOLUME. Consider the correct way of conversion and in this, you can round of the value to the nearest values if there are various decimal places. You can convert inches to centimeters for instance, there are two inches so one inch will be equal to 2.54 centimeters.

Metric Distance Conversions

You will convert between different units of length

Liquid Volume Conversions

You are given a volume of liquid and asked to convert it to another form.

Weight and Mass

You will convert measures of different masses.

Converting Units of Time and Weight

Do your best to simplify all these measures down in the most common form possible.

Converting Units of Length, Capacity, and Mass

This pack explores all types of unit conversion between these vastly different measures.