Comparing Sums of Money Worksheets

How to Compare Sums of Money

There are two stages you should follow while finishing cash issues. To begin with, you have to decide the aggregate sum of cash in each set. Take as much time as is needed and twofold check your work. Second, you have to look at the two aggregates. When contrasting the sums, take a gander at the entire dollars first. If your complete for one set is $1.25 and the absolute for the other set is $3.50, you do not have to take a gander at the pennies side because $3 is worth more than $1. Yet, on the off chance that your dollar sums are the equivalent, at that point, you have to take a gander at the pennies.

Compare the Coins

Compare the sums of money by placing a >, < , or = symbol between them.

Described Value

You will be told a number of different denominations of coins and bills and you need to compare two piles of money.

Price Tag

You are given two dollar values and ask to point to the larger one or say they are equal.