Counting Money Worksheets

How to Teach Counting Coins

Tallying cash necessitates that understudies have the option to skip tally by 5s, 10s, and 25s. Sometime before you start to show cash, practice skip tallying with your understudies. To begin, tune in to every one of the tallies by 5s and 10s – this will help you distinguish how much practice your class needs. When you have this data, you may need to add skip tallying schedules to your every day early daytime meeting or math schedules, or you may need to meet with a little gathering of understudies to rehearse a couple of times each week.


Count the dimes. Write the values as you count.

Mixed Coin Counts

Count the coins. Write the values as you count.


Count the nickels. Write the values as you count.


Pennies are the place to start with this skill for students.


Count the good old Washingtons.