Missing Coins Worksheets

How to Determine What Coins You Are Missing to Make a Sum

Envision taking a small bunch of coins from your pocket or pouch and putting them around your work area. How might you decide the estimation of that heap of coins? If you can frame a bit-by-bit plan for finding the all-out estimation of the coins, it will help you as you start taking care of coin word issues. One approach to carrying some requests to the wreck of coins is to isolate the coins into stacks as per their worth. Quarters would go with quarters, dimes with dimes, nickels with nickels, etc. To get the absolute estimation of the apparent multitude of coins, you would add each heap's all-out estimation. How might you decide the estimation of each heap? Consider the dime heap-what amount is it worth? If you check the number of dimes, you'll realize the number of you has-the number of dimes.

Compare the Coins

Complete each problem by filling in the missing value.

Mixed Change

What coins are missing up in there?

Nickels and Dimes

Get all your tens and twenty-fives in order.

Nickels and Quarters

When we are parking our cars, I am always looking for these coins.

Pennies and Dimes

We work with the lowest denominations of coins.

Pennies and Nickels

This is a good place to start with this skill set.

Pennies and Quarters

We work with the largest and smallest coins, value wise.