Making Change Worksheets

How to Make Change

While teaching your child to count up to make change, there's no need to figure out first what the total owed back is. Your child can begin putting the change together immediately, shortening the time a customer has to wait for the money. Here is a tip you can follow, rather than focusing on the amount that needs to be returned, simply count up from the amount spent to the given. For instance, suppose a customer spends $6.54 out of $10. Ask your child to count '$6.55 then $6.56, $6.75, 7 8 9 and $10'. The money involved would be a dime, quarter, and three $1 bills.

Time to Pay Up

Pay the bill using the fewest possible bills/coins.

Dimes and Quarters

Write the total value of the coins.

Mixed Change

We include all the coins in this one.

Nickels and Dimes

Write the total value of the coins.

Nickels and Quarters

Work with the coins that end in 5s, unless you put two or more together.

Pennies and Dimes

The ones and tens of the coin world.

Pennies and Nickels

Time to count these small coins.

Pennies and Quarters

Pennies are made for zinc that is covered in copper. All the silver colored coins are made from a mix of copper and nickel.