Comparing Numbers Worksheets

How to Compare Values

Learning to compare numbers can be very tricky, especially when you have decimals in the frame. However, with little practice, you can successfully compare values easily. Let us take the example of comparing two decimals values, i.e., 0.31 and 0.56. First, we will need to identify how closer each number is nearest to 1. Then the closest number to 1 will be the largest decimal number among the two. In this case, 0.85 is greater than 0.54 (0.85 > 0.54). The way I remember this is to always point the arrow of the symbol towards the smaller value, unless they are equal.

Color the Fewer

Color the group in each box that has fewer.

Identify the Fewer with an X

Put and X on the pictures that have fewer.

Circle the More

Circle the group that has more.

Color the More

Color the group in each box that has more.