Number Recognition Worksheets

How to Help Students Recognize Numbers

If you are a teacher, you know how strenuous teaching can get. Every student has their own pace for learning. Some learn at a swifter pace, while others seem like a hard nut to crack. Attention span, focus, and even their concentration seems to lack now and then, and you wonder how you can adapt to techniques to have them learn better. Helping your students recognize numbers is no walk in the park. But when you teach them through activities, the task can become less straining. Through a Sand Activity - If you don't have many students, you can always take them to the beach and open new horizons to recognize numbers through this activity. But if you have a whole class filled with students through and through, you can try adapting to your means. You can have boxes full of sand in them and have your students write numbers. With activities like such, you get to stimulate senses that help us recognize numbers better. Write Numbers in Big Digits - When you write in gigantic digits, your students find it easier to memorize the number. If you want, you can also add an artistic touch to your teaching. For instance, by drawing a duck out of '2' or a bear from the digit' 3', you grab both your student's attention, and they get to recognize numbers better.

Color Math Numbers

Color the box with the number that matches the group.

Match Pictures and Numbers 1-5

Draw a line between the pictures and the matching number. Number one through five.

Match Pictures and Numbers 6-10

Draw a line between the pictures and the matching number. Numbers six through ten.

Number and Number Words

Write the correct number next to the word.

Color Odd and Even

Color all the odd numbers blue and the even numbers red.