Pattern Worksheets

How to Improve Your Pattern Skills

Practice makes a man perfect, and when you are an artist or aspiring to become one, you want to ensure you practice every day to improve yourself. Practice adds finesse to your drawing skills, and you get to grasp the technicalities better. Consider the tips below to hone your skills as an artist, precisely drawing patterns skill. You cannot be perfect all the time, and you are going to mess your patterns a number of times. Strive for growth and learn from your mistakes. Chances are, you'll find your skills enhancing every day. If you have just begun your journey of drawing patterns, ensure you start with the easiest patterns. Use the right tools - your paints, canvas (Fabric or anything you are drawing at!) should have the right quality. If not, your patterns will not come out as you would want them to be.

Complete The Pattern

Circle the shape that completes the pattern.

Strings of Numbers

In each box write the number that completes pattern.

Color Sequences

Color in the squares that complete the pattern.

Shape Pattern Prediction

Circle and color the shape that continues the pattern.