South Atlantic States of America Worksheets

What is the South Atlantic United States?

The south Atlantic united states are another division from the Census Bureau divisions. Unlike the name, the location is along the Atlantic Coast of the united states. It is situated at the far north of Mid-Atlantic states and the North Atlantic states. The division includes eight states, including Delaware, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Maryland, West Virginia, and one district, the District of Columbia.

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. sits at about 25 feet above sea level. Average winter temperatures are relatively mild and often above freezing. Summer hosts gentle and mild temperatures. The Potomac River borders Washington, D.C along the northeast part. Washington, D.C. is about 68 square miles. Maryland and Virginia are neighbors of Washington, D.C.


The Southern Atlantic region of the United States runs along the southern part of the Nation's Atlantic Ocean coastline. These many states, such as Delaware, Florida, Maryland, and the Carolina's navigate beautifully along the entire southern coastal Atlantic line. This coastline hosts various landforms along the way. Wet, marshy, and stream filled spaces exist in the coastal state of Delaware.


Did you know that only up until about 400 years ago that the beautiful sunshine state of Florida was covered and separated by water? Well, it’s true! Additionally, the sandy and fossilized shells that have accumulated in the water have resulted in the flat, marshy land that characterizes this Southern Atlantic state.


Georgia, located in what is sometimes referred to as the deep south, is filled with swamps and marshes. In the state’s northern region, ranges and mountains are present, while these landforms slowly flatten into beautiful rolling hills in the southern portion of the state. Georgia has two plain areas, called the Atlantic Coastal Plain and Gulf Coastal Plain.


The beautiful state of Maryland is among the smallest of states in the Nation. In fact, it is the eighth smallest! At its most narrow local, the state is only 1.5 miles wide! Three land regions make up this small state. They include the Appalachian Mountains, Atlantic Coastline, and Piedmont Plateau. The Piedmont Plateau is forested with beautiful hills and valleys.

North Carolina

Three gorgeous landforms make up the state of North Carolina. They are the Atlantic Coastal Plain, Piedmont, and the Mountain Region. The largest swamp in North Carolina is called the Great Dismal Swamp. It covers about 750 square miles and is also one of the largest swamps in the nation!

Southern Atlantic Region

Have you ever wondered about the various elevations of states in the Nation? Well, if so you’re in luck! Florida and Delaware, each part of the Southern Atlantic Region of the United States are the two lowest states in terms of elevation, and in that order!

South Carolina

Approximately 187 miles of gorgeous Atlantic Ocean shoreline exists in South Carolina. If one were to include all the beautiful bays, islands, and inlets that South Carolina hosts that would increase the mileage close to 2,700 more miles! South Carolina is the fortieth largest state in the Nation.

West Virginia

Did you know that West Virginia lies within the entire Appalachian Mountain System, considered the oldest mountains in the world? Well, it does! Two landforms are included in this area. They comprise the Allegheny Plateau and Appalachian Ridge. Weather patterns have the ability to change and change quickly, without warning, at the highest place in the Allegheny Plateau.