American Revolution Worksheets

What Was the American Revolution?

The American colonies were originally British settlements. After about a century and half on their own, many generations of families have passed. The colonists of the time did not see the benefit of being loyal Britain. At the time Britain had a huge empire that costed money to run and a good deal of that money was coming from colonists. They felt as if they were being treated unfairly because they were be counted on for income (through taxes), but not receiving any benefits. The colonists began to protest peacefully, at first. The British Parliament than began to punish and exert their power over the colonists through exorbitant taxation. This united the thirteen colonies against England. This was the birth of the Revolutionary War.

Committee of Correspondence

The very first Committee of Correspondence was established in Boston, 1772. Samuel Adams started this organization and it was he who sent Johnny Tremain off on his horse Goblin to deliver messages around the vast countryside. Before the American Revolution, other Committees of Correspondence were established throughout the colonies.

Paul Revere

Paul Revere was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 1, 1735. He had a silversmith trade in Boston where he worked before, during, and after the American Revolution. The idea and issue of American liberty became very important for Paul Revere. He started to draw political cartoons that attracted a lot of attention.

Midnight Ride

Although no fire power erupted between the colonists and British soldiers, the British knew the Colonists were collecting arms and munitions in Concord, Massachusetts. A general named Gage was determined to take hold of these arms. However, the colonists knew of Gages plans and were vigilant in their attempt at concealing them. As a result, the most famous ride in American history occurred. Paul Revere was a member of a small group of Patriots whose job was to keep track of British movement.

Sons of Liberty

The Sons of Liberty was a group formed during the American Revolution era in Boston. Originally, what started as The Loyal Nine, the group grew into what was called The Sons of Liberty. Members of the group included artisans and shopkeepers. They were preparing for protest against the newly imposed Stamp Act.

The Treaty of Paris

A peace treaty between Great Britain and the United States was formally signed on September 3, 1783. This treaty, known as the Treaty of Paris, officially ended the American Revolutionary War. The consideration and the development of this document followed the Battle of Yorktown. Power by this time seamed favorable for the American colonists and Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, and John Adams were all sent to Paris in an attempt to negotiate a peace treaty.

Johnny Tremain

Johnny Tremain's character lived in Boston, Massachusetts in the early 1770’s. Apprenticeships, poverty, political unrest, the Patriots, the Loyalists, and wealth were all present during this era. Johnny Tremain worked as an apprentice for a silversmith. As an apprentice, he was learning the trade.


Long before there were colleges and universities, people learned the skills needed for work by serving as an apprentice. A person would become an apprentice to another who was considered a master craftsman in a particular trade, such as blacksmith or silversmith. A legal agreement was often developed among the parties involved.