George Washington Worksheets

Who Was George Washington?

George Washington was the founding father and the first president of United States of America. He was also the part of Continental Army as a commander in chief during the revolutionary war of America. What about his early life? His born date was 1732 and the city was 13th colonial Virginia (US). His parents were the owner of plantation with Virginia’s slaves. Circumstances before the war of revolution - He joined American army at the age of 20. He saved from the death during war but his horse wasn’t. He married Martha Curtis and they had no children. Joined revolutionary war. American war of revolution - Colonial rules were a severe headache for George including wealthy people as there was no chance of variation. Then, started leading army due to colonial formation as colonies began their struggle for independence. There were no resources for colonial army and didn’t know how to get training. But George managed well as he trained his soldiers and arranged the required supplies. He outlasted the British Army during revolutionary war that lasted for eight years in Yorktown on 17 Oct 1781. American colonies got freedom from England so in this way war over.

The Father of His Country

Explain in just a couple of sentences why George Washington's decision to decline a third term as President is important to American history and American freedom.

A Statesman

George Washington is one of the most important men in the early history of the United States. George Washington is called a statesman. A statesman is a person who has responsibility for government and who is known for wisdom and tolerance.

The General - Vocabulary Builder

Write the definition of each highlighted word on the following page.

The General

During the Revolutionary War, George Washington was the Commander of the Continental Army. While there were many famous battles in the Revolutionary War led by other officers, George Washington and his soldiers engaged in important battles in order to gain freedom from Great Britain.