5 Ws Graphic Organizers

What are the Five Ws? (What, Who, Why, When, Where)

English is more than just the 26 letters of the alphabet that we study. These 26 letters have the power of structuring new words, sentences and complete essays. Every word in the English Language has its own meaning, and each has something new and interesting. Just like that, the English Language also has five Ws, each having a different meaning than the other. When we look at any news worthy topic, there are five Ws we must answer for the reader to explain the story. The five w's are; What - This is the major explanation about the event itself. Who - which group of people, places, or things are we concerned about? When- This gives the reader a timeframe to understand better if it still applies or is just a thing of the past. Where - Location can also convene the thought of how much it affects your world. Why - This is the part that is not always concrete, especially early in the story. The five Ws are questions whose answers are considered basic in information gathering or problem solving.


Who, What,When, Where, Why Circle Organizer.


Put this all together for him in a nice flower.

Round Rectangle

See how it all fits in one place.


Great for explaining hierarchies.

Organizational Sets

This shows how interdependent situations work together.


A common object that can be used to describe relationships that have some layer of protection for a single case.


This simple invention works great with all types of specimens.