Fact, Statement, Opinions

What is the Difference Between Facts, Statements, and Opinions?

When your child in his earlier days of education, he must understand the meaning of different kinds of statements. In other words, they must know the difference between facts, statements, and opinions. Let us discuss them in detail.

Facts Statements Opinions
A fact is simply a statement that is either true or false, based on what is proven. A definite expression which is true and written on paper. The opinion is a thought or a feeling of a person on any subject.
With fewer cars on the road, air pollution will minimize. The government released a complete lockdown statement to minimize the risks of the COVID-19 virus. I think our lives will be better if we learn to live with essentials alone.

Fact, Opinion 2 Rows

Compare commentary on a topic.

Fact, Statement, Opinion 2 Rows

Provide document based facts.

Fact, Opinion, Why 2 Rows

Identify the key motivation of the statements.

1 Large and Small Row

Used to spell out how to approach something.

Simple Fact Draws

Thirty minute divisions with full clock.

Bottom 3 Row Highlighted

This is for exploring hard impact statements.

Two by Two - Top Highlighted

We run a fix on the top of it.

All Three Angles

Examine this from all perspectives.

Get After It

A simple pro versus con look at these.

The Last Word

This is the most popular version of this for teachers.