Cycle Graphic Organizers

How to Use Cycle Graphic Organizers?

Cycle graphic organizers describe the combination of different concepts and information. They refer to visual and graphic displays. We can improve learning results for information, review, and students, etc. You can arrange information by using this tool’s cycle. There are multiple forms of graphic organizers by which you can organize and arrange different pieces of reliable information. There are different types to cycle graphic organizers that help you in using it. Main Idea Webs - You will start it with the main idea that has different branches relates to different details and ideas, including sub-ideas. It also refers to semantic or spider maps if you need a tool to generate or brainstorm ideas primarily for writing or planning purposes. Concept maps - You should use a concept map if you need to know the relationship between other information and the main idea. By using this, you have to represent concepts or ideas in boxes or circles as they have a connection that relates ideas with arrows. Most general concepts or ideas that are present at the map’s top need hierarchical structure, and they can fulfill this requirement with the help of concept maps. Venn Diagrams - It refers to the concept when a topic from one category overlaps with a boundary from another category. People prefer this kind of graphic organizer to learn the concepts of two or more topics.

3 Circle Cycle

Great for small systems.

3 Rectangle Cycle

Same concept as above, just a different shape. It does give you a little more writing room though.

4 Circles

Perfect for life cycles. This lends itself to many science based processes.

4 Rectangles

This is a very commonly used version of this to show life processes.

5 Circles

Great for ordering medium sized systems.

5 Rectangles

Like we stated above, this gives you a lot more room to work with.

6 Circles

For labeling organizations.

6 Rectangles

Used for complex processes.

7 Circles

When there are a ton of moving parts in the process you are exploring, this is the one.

7 Rectangles

Take your time and put everything together for yourself here.