Decision Tree Graphic Organizers

What are Decision Trees?

When it comes to classification and prediction, decision trees serve as one of the most effective tools. These are supportive graphic tools that you can use to help you make a well thought out decisions and understand their possible consequences. It helps you understand what you get and what you don't. Because it looks like an organic tree that grows from the ground, this is where the name comes from. To simply understand, this is a flowchart that resembles a tree-like structure. It is one of the many ways to display an algorithm that comprises only conditional control statements. In this tree-like structure, every node represents a test on an attribute; each branch displays the outcome of a test. The lead node holds a class label.

2 Option Decision Chart

Includes pros and cons of each option.

2 Option Blank Decision Chart

Provides a great range of use.

3 Options Labeled

The labels can be found place and help it make sense.

3 Option Blank

This is one of the more popular versions.

4 Options Labeled

This is helpful if the decision has many factors or a lot of teeth to it.

4 Options Blank

This is helpful if you know that a great deal of thought needs to be put into a decision or if there are a ton of factors to consider.