Venn Diagrams

What are Venn Diagrams?

Venn diagrams are a graphic or diagrammatic representation of the elements within a set. A set can be explained as a group of distinct elements often enclosed by a limit or, in some cases, may also be limitless. For example, a set of all whole numbers has an infinite number of elements having no boundary or limit. Venn diagrams can also be used to compare two different sets and their elements. It also tells which elements in the two sets are common and which are distinct among the two.

There are certain set functions such as union, intersection, compliment, etc. A union Venn diagram separately shows the common elements in both the compared sets and those that are distinct. An intersection Venn diagram only shows the common elements. A compliment Venn diagram shows elements that remain in a universal set after subtracting the considered elements.

Two Triple Venn Diagrams B/W

2 triple Venn diagrams on 1 page with black rings.

Olympic Ring Look Alike

Not that we use six completely different colors, so you could be comparing two very different things.

Double Venns B/W

Two sets of your standard layout on one page. In black and white.

Color Double

The same standard double set as the last set, but in color.

Quadruple Triple Set B/W

Black and white version of four triple Venn diagrams.

Quadruple Triple Color Set

You will need to make your own version of this set to help it make sense.

B/W Double Venn

These are really helpful for the review time of the year.

Double Color Venn

We just threw in a splash of color here.

Standard Version

When people think of this type of graphic organizer, this is the standard.

Standard Color Version

A little blue and green can go a long way.

Standard Triple Venn B/W

The no color version that is used to compare three separate concepts.

Color Triple Venn

Can you make this one work?