What are Timelines?

Whether you study history or science, there could be times when you would find yourself confused on specific dates. A scientist could come up with a formula, and memorizing its date could be a hassle for you. In such a setting, timelines come in handy. A regular timeline usually looks like a regular line with dates available on either side. Take the picture below as an example.

Sample Timeline

These timelines help us in memorizing dates. All you have to do is write these dates in sequential order – from start to beginning in the same format as the picture. The process of learning dates becomes easier for you in this manner.

3 Event Boxed Horizontal Timeline

3 events mapped left to right.

3 Event Vertical Timeline

3 events mapped top to bottom.

4 Event Boxed Horizontal Timeline

4 events mapped left to right.

4 Full Detail Event Horizontal

This is a different wy of spreading out your thoughts.

4 Organizational Sets

This gives you plenty of room to work on 4 independent events.


A common object that can be used to describe relationships that have some layer of protection for a single case.

3 Over 2

This is the way to go about taking apart events that fit into 2 different themes or just 5 separate events.

5 Event Set

The bottom boxes are one level higher than the top boxes.

6 Event Open Timeline

This is used when you have a great deal to write about something.

Utility Series

This has almost too many applications to list. You can apply this to just about anything.

6 Event Set

This is very easy for students to pick up on.

General Concepts

I use this when I am attempting to explain events that lead to actions.

Standard 7 Events

This is better at keeping it simple. Just list the event and a one sentence explanation.

Foundational Timeline

This helps you explain all of the leading factors to a concept.

8 Step Ladder

I seen this work as descending or ascending series of events. It can work either way.

Open Vertical Left

A blank timeline set for many events.

Open Vertical Right

This is free work organizer that you can manipulate any way you would like.

Slant Back

A blank inverted timeline.

Slant Forward

Most people prefer this to the latter worksheet.

Triple Line Left

I find this helpful when looking at reasons, climaxes, and outcomes of singular events such as wars or conflicts.

Triple Line Right

3 lines that point right.

Blank Vertical Centered

Open timeline with plenty of space to work from.

I Left

This provides a nice margin to work off of.

I Right

Making the most out of a non bubble event tracker.