Vocabulary Graphic Organizers

How to Improve Your Vocabulary?

Improving vocabulary could sometimes be quite a hassle for most people. Whatever way you consider improving your vocabulary, the process could demand longevity and time through and through. Consider the tips below to improve your vocabulary: Read Books - Books are one of the best ways to improve one’s vocabulary. If someone wishes to own mastery of a language, reading books could be one of the best ways. By reading, you don’t only improve your vocabulary, but also, you get to learn their contextual meaning. As a result, learning to use vocabulary becomes easier for you. Watch Movies - Another way to learn to improve your vocabulary is by watching movies. A good strategy in this case for you could be watching your favorite movie with subtitles. Play Games - From board games to video games, playing games is one of the most effective ways to improve one's vocabulary. Also see our teacher tips for Top 10 Tips for Teaching New Vocabulary Words and 10 Easy Tips to Learn Vocabulary Words Faster.

Vocabulary Introduction Chart

To be used the first time they come across a new word.

Concept Chart

Great for learning new concept, topics, or subjects.

Meeting New Words

General format for all subjects.

Meeting New Words 2

To use when you meet new vocabulary for any subject.

New Vocab For Youngsters

Use for lower grade levels learning new words.

Picture It!

Use for researching new words.