Story Maps

What are Story Maps?

Organizing your ideas and thoughts before writing your story is of significant importance. You get to create an outline for your story, and your ideas don’t squander when you’re in the middle of putting your thoughts on the paper. In particular, all through the course of writing your story, you find completing it free of any hassle. If you don’t know what a story map is, consider the information below as your guide.

Mind Maps - Most of the writers make webs to jot down their ideas. This gives them the reason to keep their ideas flow in the right direction. Think of this web to be a list of important events. From the name of important characters to their backstory, you can include all the most minute details of your story in your mind map so that when you write your story, the process becomes easier for you.

Beginning, Middle, Ending Worm

B,M,E in a fun oversized worm.

Worm Story Map

A story map in a fun worm shape.

3 Part Story Clock

Simple beginning, middle, ending story map.

4 Parter

Beginning, problem, problem resolution, and ending clock story map.

5 Part Story

There is an extra element added here see if you can spot it.

6 Part Clock

Time to explore the rising and falling actions here.

Basic Story Map

Setting, characters, problem, events, and resolution in a story map.

Beginning, Middle, Ending Story Map

Extended beginning, middle, ending story map diagram.

Beginning, Middle, Ending Subdivided

Breaking things into digestible pieces to help you explain to others.

Building Story Map

Driving force story map.

Two Story/Book Outlines

Map out two books or stories side-by-side.

Complete Story Map

Outline an entire story in great detail.

Hexagon Story Map

Provides plenty of writing room.

Main Idea Outlines

Used to outline several main ideas.

Plot Diagram

Visually describe a plot.