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How to Brainstorm Persuasive Arguments?

Arguments are based on facts and figures, along with how you can convince the other party. However, to make a persuasive argument, you must brainstorm on how you should go about it. Let us list down the steps which can help you brainstorm persuasive arguments. 1. The first step is to set a goal of the argument. Keep in mind that you need to convince the other party to agree with your argument. 2. Now, you must remember that quantity is better than quality in brainstorming. More the information, the more advantage you must create a persuasive argument. 3. Don't forget to look at the unusual. This way, you can look at different ways in which your goal can be achieved. They can act as advantages.

2 Reasons, 2 Facts

This is the basis of your argument.

2 Reasons, 3 Facts

We add an extra fact in there for good measure.

3 Reasons, 2 Facts

3 methods of persuasion with 2 facts for each.

3 Reasons, 3 Facts

This one should give the audience the greatest amount to think of out of the bunch.