Cause and Effect Graphic Organizers

What is Cause and Effect in Literature?

Literature is an interesting subject if understood perfectly. One of those concepts is cause and effect. These two combinations when implemented together, can change the whole outlook of a story. For instance, an event that causes character development or a mishap, which changes a storyline. Let us understand this further with some examples.

Cause Effect
We experienced 8 inches of rain last night. The underpass was flooded.
The boss was in a meeting. His secretary received the message.
An oil spill mishap. Many deaths to workers and wildlife.

1 Cause and 3 Effects

Displays how events affect a process.

1 C, 4 Es

This is one of the most popular versions to use.

1 C, 5 Es

We fit more effects in there.

1 C, 6 Es

This is where a chain events just start to spin harder.

1 C, 7 Es

This is when something at the root has a huge impact.

Cause and Effect 2 rows

This gives you plenty of room to explain your stance on something.

3 Causes and 1 Effect

This is when it takes a great number of items to create a bit of chaos.

Cause and Effect 3 rows

How does that change this?

4 Causes and 1 Effect

Put all these into to work for you.

Cause and Effect 4 Rows

This simple invention works great with all types of specimens.

5 Cs = 1 Big E

This is a very commonly used version of this type of sheet by teachers. You see these sheets to help explain the reason behind conflicts.

5 Rows

This helps you flow your writing on multiple topics.

Lots of Reasons

When you have a large number of reasons for something.

Too Many Causes

Why not make you best reason for this?