KWHL and KWL Charts

What are KWL Graphic Organizers?

A lot of people find it difficult to keep their daily routines organized. It is usually difficult to keep all the daily or weekly tasks safe in your memories. For many people, routines are too tough that it is practically impossible to remember all the routine tasks. Organizers and calendars are very helpful in keeping the daily tasks schedules, and people benefit a lot from an organizer. Organizers are of many types; one of them is a KWL graphic organizer. KWL graphic organizers divide a task into three distinct phases. If you are onto something, you must know about the level of information you have regarding that task. K is the first column which asks, 'What do you know about this topic?'. Then comes the W column, which asks, 'What do you want to know about this topic?'. Then we have the L column, which asks, 'What have you learned about this topic?' These three questions are the best way to break down a task and accomplish it in an organized manner. For more information see our article on: How and why to use KWL and KWHL Charts

Simple KWHL Chart

Organize what student know, want to learn, and have learned.

3 Row KWHL

A common form of this organizer for you.

4 Row KWHL Chart

Great to help establish a level of student accountability.

Five Row KWHL

This will help students carry their thoughts over to aspects of the work.

Six Rows

This is better suited for upper level classes.

Simple KWL

What do you KNOW about the topic? What do you WANT to learn about the topic? What did you LEARN about the topic?

Three Row KWL

This can be used for multiple topics or events.

Four Rows

Even another row for you to work with.

Five rows

This is the most popular version that teachers use.

Six Rows

Some idea here just more divisions for you.