Plus, Minus, and Interesting Charts

What Are PMI Chart Graphic Organizers?

PMI Chart, also known as the Plus-Minus-Interesting organizational chart, is a remarkable tool that helps students make better decisions. It also helps them to see problems differently. These charts are also helpful for students to organize their thoughts for better understanding. What the children have to do is the teacher gives them a scenario, and they will have to analyze them. The next step is to identify the plus points, disadvantages, and interesting aspects of that scenario. The interesting column has a combination of plus and minus points of the scenario.

Plus, Minus, and Interesting

Great for evaluating pros versus cons.

3 Rows Of Full PMI

Labels are fully setup for you.

3 Rows of Abbreviation

Used to compare advantages and disadvantages. Abbreviation only used.

4 Rows Full Labels

This will help students carry their thoughts over to aspects of the work.

Abbreviation w/ 4 Rows

This one is helpful when pick a place to eat out. No really, teachers at our school use it all the time.

Five Rows Full Labels

Helpful for making tough decisions.

Five Rows - Abbreviations Used

Helping you consider your position on a thought.

Six Rows - Labeled

This is a must for brainstorming ideas.

Six Rows - Abbreviations Used

PMI spelled out for you to help stimulate thinking.

Seven Rows - Labels

A nice way to get your ideas flowing.

Seven Rows of PMI

This can really help you begin to develop a sense of your thoughts on a subject.

Eight Rows Labeled

This one comes in handy when working with well developed arguments.

Eight Rows of PMI

Weigh the pros and cons on just about anything.

Basic PMI

Use this to help you make just about any decision. We used it to decide on my sons college choice. It worked out well.