Character Organizers

How to Analyze a Character in a Story?

Here, we are going to learn the character analysis in a story or essay of the English language. You will understand this by dividing each section into three with an order. Follow the guidelines step by step. Other types of academic papers that will be similar to the structure will remain the same. Write the introduction first with thesis statements with a reason to select a specific story. Then, you will move towards three to five body paragraphs, conclusion, and reference page.

Consider the following rules for A+ literary analysis for essay. Specify and identify the character in a story that you want to introduce to the reader. You can use two or three main characters in one story, and you can write their names in different categories as well. Define everything about the person about which you are writing and use other adjectives to describe their character qualities. Then, change the plot of the selected story by concentrating on the central conflict. Determine the object's role in this situation and its development way throughout the story. Also, you can add the following categories of the character in the report:

Protagonist - Heroes
Antagonists - Opposite character against the main character
Major - Main heroes
Minor - Supporting characters that prevent heroes by implementing various obstacles
Dynamic - It is a category in which we change characters.

Character Analysis Chart 1

2 triple Venn diagrams on 1 page with black rings.

Chart 2

Character analysis worksheet on behavior, personality, description, and role.

Trait Evidence Chart

Explore characters based on evidence.

Attribute Circle Map

Looks at characters based on action of self and others.

Attribute Web

Basic traits and actions of a character.

Attribute Web 2

Fears, behavior, thoughts, and how people treat them.

What About You?

Describe the deep attributes of a character.

Feelings Map

Describe times when a character is happy and sad.

Development - 4 Pictures

Draw the progression of a character.

5 Pictures

Watch the character grow in front of your eyes.

Character Event Map

Describe events that elude to traits of a character.

How Do You Feel?

Describe events that elude to feelings of a character.

Trait Map

Analysis of character traits based on 3 forms of evidence.