Christmas Worksheets

Why is Christmas Celebrated?

Do we all know what comes on the 25th of December? That's right! Christmas! Don’t we all love the snow and the beautiful lights with decorations? And the best part about the day is definitely the presents, right? But why do we celebrate Christmas? Let’s take a look! The 25th of December is a holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as the son of God. The name Christmas is joined from "Christ" and "mass," which refers to holy mass or festival of Jesus Christ. This celebration day came just after the winter solstice, which is the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. The idea was to announce that winter is not forever, and it was a form of worshipping the Sun. The day before Christmas is known as Christmas Eve. Gifts are exchanged on Christmas Day, and everyone gets pine trees that are decorated with bells, candles, candy canes, fairy lights, and many other things! We also created a great section of tips for incorporating Christmas Themes in Your Classroom Merry Christmas to all!

Writing Christmas Words

Look at the picture. Write the Christmas word.


13 clues for you to solve.

What Does It Do to You?

A nicely developed writing activity for students.

Why Do People Celebrate Christmas?

A reading passage that comes with a question set to follow.

Reading Question Page

You are asked five followup questions to the passage that is in hand.

Decorate the Tree

Help decorate the Christmas tree by coloring the ornaments. If an ornament contains a noun, color it green. If it contains an adjective, color it blue. If it contains a verb, color it red. Color the tree. Then cut and paste the ornaments onto the tree

Word Games

Rewrite the ten words in alphabetical order. Unscramble the words from the poem 'The Night Before Christmas.'

Christmas is a time for...

An open ended writing activity.

Complete the Christmas Patterns

Cut and paste to complete the pattern in each row.

Christmas Trivia

Example: True or False: If you add up all the gifts given in the song the Twelve Days of Christmas there are 364 total gifts.

Picture Sentences

Draw a line from the sentence to the matching picture.

Writing Sentences

Choose five objects from the doodle page that have to do with how you spent your Christmas. Write a sentence about your experience with each object. Color the doodle page.

The 12 Days of Christmas Sing Along Sheet

A visual sheet to help students plug along with the song.

World Languages

How many languages can you say Merry Christmas in? Match each Christmas greeting to the country it belongs to.

The Legend of St. Nicholas

The reading passage to follow along with. Sample: St. Nicholas was a Bishop in Asia Minor (not called Turkey) in the fourth century. He was known to be very kind. He often helped the poor, and secretly gave gifts to people in need.

Reading Questions Page

Why did Nicholas drop the gold coins down the poor man's chimney?


Cut out the card. Decorate it with crayons, paint, glitter, or cut-outs. Fold at the spine. Inside the card, write a personal Christmas message to a friend or family member.

Christmas Acrostic Poem

Students examine the significance of Christmas.

Reindeer Acrostic Poem

In a series of sentences explain the significance of reindeer.

Santa Acrostic Poem

Students examine the symbolism of Santa.

Christmas Ornament Writing Paper

A fun Christmas theme writing paper.

Christmas Bingo Cards

A fun packet of BINGO cards for Christmas.

Christmas Visual Crossword Puzzle

Students determine the vocabulary word described by the picture.

Christmas Decoration Paper

Border paper with a holiday theme.

Ornament Writing Paper

A fun Christmas theme writing paper.

Christmas KWHL

A fantastic anticipatory and closer on the we are exploring.

Spelling Words

Fill in the missing letters to spell the words correctly.

Snowman Border Paper

Border paper with a winter snow person theme.

Word Wall

Words to post in your classroom for Christmas.

Word Chop

Use the tiles to create words related to Christmas.

Word Search

Find the words hidden in the puzzle.