Ground Hog's Day Worksheets

What is Groundhogs Day?

An American tradition that dates back over 200 years, Groundhog Day is a celebration where Americans gather around in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, to watch a groundhog predict the weather for the next six weeks. Even though the day is not a public holiday, it is widely observed throughout the United States of America! Every year on February 2nd, a groundhog is said to forecast the weather by looking for his shadow. If the Sun is out and shining, and the groundhog sees it, it is said to give six more weeks of winter. However, if the weather is cloudy, the forecast is of an early spring. Due to the weather being different in the different parts of the States, may town in Canada and the U.S have their own groundhogs for weather prediction with their own traditions and cultures for the Groundhog Day. How fun is that!

February Acrostic Poem

What does this month mean to you, besides a shorter number of days or a possible leap year?

Ground Hog Acrostic Poem

We make this into a compound word for the purpose of this activity.

Weather Acrostic Poem

We often forget that this is what the holiday is all about.

Alphabetic Order

Give some order to this series of words: forecast, hibernate, burrow, scared, winter predict, drizzle, sunshine, controversial, shadow

Visual Crossword Puzzle

You will need to take time and look at all the words before you start this one.


I find that all the ideas that students have about this holiday are off a bit.


Help the Ground Hog find his bed. Boy, he is a sleep guy!

Spelling Words

To complete the spelling of these words, just drop a few letters in there.

Word Chop

Take the string of letters and create your own words.

Word Scramble

Some of these words are hard to find and make sense of.

Word Find

A nice puzzle that will also help you build up your vocabulary.

Word Wall

The words that go along with this set.