Saint Patrick's Day Worksheets

What is Saint Patrick's Day?

Along with so many culturally diverse celebrations held around the year, one very "green" celebration is known as Saint Patrick's Day. Every year, St. Patrick's Day falls on the 17th of March, remembering St. Patrick. He was an Irish patron who ministered Christianity in Ireland during the fifth century. St. Patron was raised in Roman Britain but was captured by Ireland and taken as a slave as a young adult. Some years later he returned to his family and returned to the church. Later, he went back to Ireland and worked as a missionary in the North and West of the country. Today, St. Patrick's Day is symbolized by the Shamrock. It is a leaf of the clover that signifies the Holy Trinity. People around the globe wear green and the flag of the Republic of Ireland. Parties are adorned with green color, and people enjoy traditional foods and sweets of Ireland. Some people also plan a pilgrimage to the St. Patrick's Purgatory. We all try to wear green clothing to show we are observing the day. We have explored many different way to incorporate this holiday in your classroom in our article: Top 10 Tips for Incorporating St. Patrick Day Themes in Your Classroom

Ireland Acrostic Poem

This is always a fun writing activity to see what students come up with.

Rainbow Acrostic Poem

Students examine the properties of a rainbow and how it relates to this holiday.

Shamrock Acrostic Poem

See if students understand how they are related to culture.

Alphabetic Order

Give order to this series of vocab. words: rainbow, gold, shamrock, leprechaun, Celtic, luck, Saint, castle, Ireland, Gaelic.

Bingo Cards

There are a six cards located in here. I would recommend that you review the words with your students.

Visual Crossword Puzzle

Students tend to have some difficulty with number three.


Help the leprechaun find his way to the gold.

Missing Letters

Fill in all the letters that are missing to complete the words.

Saint Patrick's Day Visual Addition

Add the leprechaun's hats together.

Visual Subtraction

Find the difference between the number of red shamrocks.

Word Chop

Piece these tiles together to make the words pop out at you.

Word Scramble

Rearrange the letters to make those famous vocabulary words.

Word Search

Find all twelve words in the letter matrix.

Word Wall

Words to post in your classroom for Saint Patrick's Day.