Mother's Day Worksheets

The History of Mother's Day

Mother's Day celebration refers to the spring celebration of Ancient Greece in honor of Mother of Gods' Rhea. Then, English Christians celebrate this day in the memory of Mary, Mother of Christ that became Mothering Sunday. This day was transformed into Mother Church when Christianity spread throughout Europe. Then, British Colonists spread this trend in the United States, and the day gained popularity as Mother's Day. Later, the social activists Julia Ward Howe made efforts to make Mother's Day an official day in honor of peace for motherhood and womanhood. The Lady introduced the idea of Mother's Day for Peace for celebration, and it confirmed on June 2nd, 1872 at an international Woman's Peace Congress. All of this incident was going on right after the American Civil War. Today, people of the whole celebrate Mother's Day with full enthusiasm. It is the day when all children pay tribute to their mothers for her contribution to life. The way of celebrating this day is multiple. Some surprises their moms by giving flowers and gifts, and some gave presents by doing something according to her wish. Some fulfill her dream to please her.

Family Acrostic Poem

Students examine the significance of families.

Grandma Acrostic Poem

Students examine the characteristics of grandma.

Mother Acrostic Poem

Express to us what your mom means to you.

Visual Crossword Puzzle

Students determine the vocabulary word described by the picture.

Alphabetic Order

Arrange the words in alphabetic order on the lines below. Word bank: mother, daughter, share, brunch, caring, birth, devote, grandmother, family, protect.

Bingo Cards

A fun packet of BINGO cards for Mother's Day.


What do you know about the holiday and what do you lack knowledge in?


Help Mom find her slippers.

Spelling Words

Fill in the missing letters to spell the words correctly.

Visual Addition

Lots of seals are on the beach. Sum them up.

Visual Subtraction

Find the difference between the hearts candy.

Word Chop

Take you time to determine the words that describe mom.

Word Scramble

Rearrange those letters to make sense of these words.

Word Search

We list the words and you track them down in the puzzle.

Word Wall

Some of these words will be a bit out there, but they relate to the core concept.