Martin Luther King Jr. Worksheets

Who Was Martin Luther King Jr.?

Martin Luther King Junior was the Civil Rights Leader, and he was a strong fighter against racism as he never backed down his stand. Let us learn more about him. He was born in 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. At that time, there were different laws for schools, restaurants, and buses. Meanwhile, there were segregation or separation of races in place as well. Racial prejudice was an inspiration for him since he was very young. He wanted to dedicate his life to getting equality and justice for Black and White Americans. According to him, we can bring a social change by peacefully refusing to obey an unjust law. His first civil right actions were the Montgomery Bus Boycott. There was an American Lady who refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man. This way, she broke segregation law and charged a fine of $10 that she refused to pay. Consequently, she had to spend a night in jail. Then, Martin Luther started to boycott the public transportation system in the city, and that wasn’t easy as African Americans did not have cars. He also went to jail and lost his house. In the end, Martin won, and the segregation law on Montgomery buses came to an end. Martin made history by signing the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act. In publicly owned facilities, that act of Luther outlawed racial segregation from Montgomery. We have fully explored this topic for teachers in our article: Top 10 Tips for Incorporating Martin Luther King Jr. Themes in Your Classroom

Dream Acrostic Poem

Students examine the significance of having a dream.

Equality Acrostic Poem

We look at one of the key aspects of Dr. King's message.

Speech Acrostic Poem

Seen as one of greatest speakers of all time, Dr. King was surely dynamic.

Alphabetic Order

Place these words in the right way: liberty, oppressed, demonstrate, racial, equality freedom, peace, boycott, injustice, segregate.

Bingo Cards

This is a great way to learn new vocabulary words.


What do you know about Dr. King before we start and after we go on our exploration.

Missing Letters

Complete the words by placing the correct letter in the blank.

Border Paper

A really addition to add to your writing practice sessions.

Word Chop

Repiece these words to create the vocabulary words that we are studying.

Word Scramble

It is helpful to focus on the vowels in here.

Word Find

There are a few new words in here for you to wrestle with.

Word Wall

Print these out and add them to your classroom walls.