Spring Worksheets

What is the Spring Season?

Do you like the smell of flowers? The soft breeze with the Sun shining and the birds chirping? The Earth has a season for that, and it is called "Spring." The spring season comes after winter and before summer. Spring is the season when the cold winter temperature gradually rises and gets warmer. This begins on the vernal equinox when the hours of daylight become equal to the hours of darkness. Since the Earth is divided into two hemispheres, the Southern part experiences it in September while the Northern part experiences it in March. In the season, the flowers bloom, and the plants grow. Many parts of the world also experience rain. The whole atmosphere gets pretty to look at, and it gets peaceful. It gets colorful because of all the flowers, and the fresh aroma makes the environment calm.

Flowers Acrostic Poem

What do Spring flowers mean to you?

Rainy Acrostic Poem

Students examine the properties of the precipitation.

Spring Acrostic Poem

Students examine the wonders of the Spring season.

Alphabetic Order

Puts these vocab. words in order: rainbow, bloom, rainy, beetle, puddle, butterfly, garden, shower, insect, flower

Bingo Cards

A fun packet of BINGO cards for Spring.

Visual Crossword Puzzle

Students determine the vocabulary word described by the picture.


See what students already know and what you can build off of.


Help the rain find the umbrella.

Spelling Words

Which letters are missing from these grand old words?

Visual Addition

Add the bees together.

Visual Subtraction

Find the difference between the number of rain clouds.

Word Chop

Use the tiles to create words related to Spring.

Word Scramble

Make sense of these words.

Word Search

Find the listed words in the letter matrix.

Word Wall

Words to post in your classroom for Spring.