Earth Day Worksheets

All About Earth Day

Do you know the name of the planet we live on? That is right! We live on the planet Earth, the third planet from the Sun. So, are you every aware that every year, there is an event to honor our beautiful planet? Let us find out what the day is all about and how it started! Each year on the 22nd of April, all of us celebrate a day that is meant to honor our dear planet, and it is referred to as Earth Day. As a matter of fact, Earth Day was first observed in 1970, when a movement was started by some people to bring the deteriorating situation of the Earth under everyone’s notice. The idea of celebrating Earth Day was given by the bright, Senator Nelson, a junior senator from Wisconsin during the time when in 1969, there was a massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. He presented the idea so as to give back plants and flowers to Earth and minimize gas use to protect the environment. He wanted to make sure that even the students participated, so the chosen day became April 22nd, a weekday to ensure maximum participation by students. Since then, all of us celebrate Earth Day every year!

Earth Acrostic Poem

Students examine the significance of Earth.

Oceans Acrostic Poem

The substance that covers most of the planet.

Recycle Acrostic Poem

What does it mean to you and what level of importance does it hold with you?

Alphabetic Order

Student place Earth day related words in alphabetic order.

Bingo Cards

A great way to review related vocabulary words with students.

Visual Crossword Puzzle

What does each picture spell out to you?


Students should know a good amount about the third rock from the sun.


Help Earth get back to the proper orbit.

Spelling Words

What letters are absent in these words?

Visual Addition

Find the end sum of all the planets when they are together.

Visual Subtraction

How many smiling globes are there between the two sets?

Word Chop

Take word chunks and place them together to form new words.

Word Scramble

Unscramble the letters to form the related words.

Word Search

Find the words hidden in the puzzle. An answer key is included for the puzzle.

Word Wall

A nice way to remind students of the vocabulary words in your classroom.