Halloween Worksheets

Why Do We Celebrate Halloween?

We celebrate Halloween every year, but do you know what the holiday is all about? A holiday that is celebrated on the 31st of October every year is known as Halloween. The traditions originated along with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. On the day of Samhain, people come out dressed in costumes to ward off ghosts and would light bonfires. Pope Gregory III in the 18th century designated November 1st as a time to honor all saints. Eventually, traditions of the Samhain were incorporated in All Saints Day. The evening before the day was known as All Hallows Eve. As days passed, it became Halloween. Gradually, Halloween became a day with activities, especially children, where they trick or treat. One of the most important traditions that evolved was carving the jack-o-lanterns, dressing up in costumes, and eating treats. Religiously, people light candles on the graves of the dead. Have a spooky Halloween! We explored this topic in depth for teachers with our article: Top 10 Tips for Incorporating Halloween Themes in Your Classroom

Halloween Acrostic Poem

This holiday means slightly something different each year as you progress in age.

Monster Acrostic Poem

This one is fun to see all the different directions that kids take with this one.

Pumpkin Acrostic Poem

Did you know that from a botanist's perspective, that is a plant doctor of sorts, a pumkin is considered a fruit. That is because it is seed bearing.

Alphabetic Order

Put all these words in order: monster, zombie, candy corn, pumpkin, doorbell haunt, treat, witch, goblin, skeleton.

Bingo Cards

Line up your thoughts with this fun way to go about getting reviewing this section.

Visual Crossword Puzzle

Number 3 and 5 are simple, but they could be so many different things here.


Kids tend to take great interest in this topic and know more about it than other holidays.


Help the boy find the pumpkin patch.

Spelling Words

Number five will stump some students, but if remember the theme it should not do that to them.

Mummy Writing Paper

Border paper with a mummy theme.

Visual Addition

Add the cauldrons together.

Visual Subtraction

If you have so many pumpkins and take away a few, how many are you left with?

Word Chop

Put these words back together to make sense of it.

Word Scramble

We purposely left out the capital letters for you.

Word Search

Find each letter and uncover the words to solve the hidden puzzle.

Word Wall

Why wouldn't you want to share this vocabulary much more with your students?