Easter Worksheets

What is Easter?

In the Christian calendar, Easter is the most essential Holy festival. Christians celebrated this day in the memory of Jesus Christ. It was the day when Jesus raised from the dead after three days of his execution. The reason of this remembrance is to renew daily hope that let us victory over sin. The exact date of the Easter comes after the three days death anniversary of Jesus on the cross. On Easter festival, Christians follow a duration of fasting that they call it LENT. Meanwhile, churches organize a time for remembrance and repentance. The lent start on Ash Wednesday and ends on Good Friday that is the day of Jesus crucifixion. Pope Gregory established forty days period by using the forty-day pattern of wilderness period of Israel, Jesus, Elijah, and Moses. When Christians celebrate Easter? Sunday is the fixed date for celebrating Easter but, this Easter Sunday varies from year to year. The first Sunday after full moon is the exact day of celebrating this Holy event that occurs on or after 21 March. Easter’s leading up week is the Holy Week for Christians. What are Easter Eggs? An egg is a sign of new beginning or new life. Christians use Easter Eggs as a symbol for the resurrection of Jesus. According to their believe, Jesus resurrection overcome sin and death. Christians make this egg from chocolate and cover it in colored foil. We have also explored many different ways for you to include this theme in your class in our Top 10 Tips for Incorporating Easter Themes in Your Classroom

Bunny Acrostic Poem

It is just such a more fun word to work with than rabbit.

Easter Acrostic Poem

This can go in many different directions it is entirely up to you.

Tradition Acrostic Poem

Students examine the concepts and meaning of traditions.

Alphabetic Order

Students will work with Earth day related words and place them in alphabetic order.

Bingo Cards

A solid method for learning new words.

Visual Crossword Puzzle

Some of these objects you may have to say aloud to yourself several times before they make sense for you.


I find this to such an up and down topic with students. Some students know tons of things, others are new to the concept.


Help the Easter Bunny find the eggs he dropped.

Spelling Words

Something is missing from these words. Fill them in.

Visual Addition

How many total Easter eggs do you have in each problem?

Visual Subtraction

You are given a number of eggs and then asked to remove some.

Word Chop

See what words you can create from the tiles that you are given.

Word Scramble

Unscramble the letters of the Easter words.

Word Search

Those words are just hiding in the puzzle. Find them.

Word Wall

These can make for nice and educational posters in your classroom.