Fall Worksheets

What is the Fall Season?

Do you know the names of the four seasons that occur around the year? That is right! Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring. Then what is fall? Let us take a look! In major parts of the world, we witness the beautiful Autumn season. And that is also referred to as the Fall season. In the Autumn Season, the deciduous trees shed their leaves. These leaves turn their color from green to red and then eventually into yellow or brown before they fall on the ground. It is truly so beautiful! Autumn is the transition of summer to winter, which is why the sunlight gets significantly less, and hence, the days get shorter too. The weather starts getting colder as well. BRRRR! There are two main holidays observed in the autumn season are Thanksgiving and Halloween. During the fall, everything becomes brown and orange. People enjoy hot drinks, including hot cocoa and cider!

Autumn Acrostic Poem

A word that is used interchangeably with the name of this season. Fun fact, this word is much older in the English Language.

Fall Acrostic Poem

I always like to start off this unit with this worksheet.

Leaves Acrostic Poem

The changing color of these is what comes to everyone's mind when they hear this season being mentioned.

Alphabetic Order

Arrange these words in word: squirrel, tree, jagged, rake, pumpkin nut, leaf, circumference, acorn, bury.

Bingo Cards

You can number or letter the rows it is entirely up to you.

Visual Crossword Puzzle

The first one may stump you, so move on to the connecting word.


Stimulate your young minds with this quick writing activity.


Help the squirrel find his home. Did you know that squirrels lose 3 out of every 4 acorns that they hide?

Spelling Words

Complete the words by placing the correct letter in the blank.

Visual Addition

These trees look a bit not ready for fall yet. They are about to turn on you.

Visual Subtraction

This is what families of squirrels must all winter long.

Word Chop

A really good activity for learning how to patch two words together.

Word Scramble

The first several words are pretty simple, but they get more difficult as you go along.

Word Search

You will also find an answer attached to the puzzle.

Word Wall

It is nice to have a series of words available to you when you need them.