Kwanzaa Worksheets

What is Kwanzaa?

Like other celebrations held in the U.S., one of the most notable celebrations is the Kwanzaa. Every year, the Kwanzaa is celebrated for seven days in the United States to honor universal African heritage and culture. It takes place from December 26th to January 1st. To be a part of the joyous event, the Non-African Americans also celebrate the Kwanzaa. The first-ever Kwanzaa was celebrated from 1966-1967. Many people decorate their homes with African art and the traditional colors of green, black, and red. People also wear traditional African clothing. The women wear a colorful wrap, which is known as Kaftan, while men wear colorful shirts called Dashiki paired with a hat called Kufi. The most important tradition of the Kwanzaa is the lighting of Kinara. It is a candle holder with seven candles. On the last day of Kwanzaa, the families get together for a large feast, which is known as Karamu. Sometimes, Karamu is also celebrated in local churches or community centers to enjoy the traditional African dishes. We explored this topic for teachers in our article: Top 10 Tips for Incorporating Kwanzaa Themes in Your Classroom

Africa Acrostic Poem

We explore the country that started it all.

Family Acrostic Poem

Students examine the characteristics of a family.

Kwanzaa Acrostic Poem

We went after this thought process and see what students feel about it.

Alphabetic Order

Place these words in the right way: determination, responsibility, banquet, hope, celebration creativity, harvest, purpose, family, commemoration

Bingo Cards

Line up the words in the rows of your knowledge.

Visual Crossword Puzzle

Help yourself with this one by counting all the letters needed before you start.


See how much you really know about this.

Spelling Letters

Find all the missing letters in these words.

Word Chop

Rearrange the word parts to form new words that matter.

Word Scramble

What words are hiding in there.

Word Find

See where these words fall into your puzzle.

Word Wall

A series of words that relate to this theme.